Hostel Absteige

Harkortstrasse 21, Leipzig

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Hostel Absteige


Overview of Hostel

Our Hostel is located between the city centre and the lively southern town quarter of Leipzig. You will find a lot of restaurants and nightlife here but also quiet places like the park at the canal, wich is only five minutes to walk to. Public transport, ATMs, grocery stores, bakeries or the drugsto

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/// 7 min. by tram plus 300m to walk ///
Starting at the mainstation use tram 10 (heading to 'Loessnig') or 11 (heading to 'Markkleeberg'). Buy a so called 'Kurzstreckenticket' (short distance ticket) for €1,80.Get off at the 3rd stop (Münzgasse) and walk straight along Münzgasse which is a little alley beginning at the crossing next to the tram stop. Orientate by the prominent glass building. At the end of 'Münzgasse' turn right. You will pass by our beer garden and get to a junction with traffic lights. Again, turn right (into Harkort Street) and look for the small green sign saying 'Hostel Absteige'. That's where the entrance is.
Please note that after 18.00 p.m. the check-in takes place at the bar. Therefore please go right through the beer garden before you pass the traffic lights and enter the bar.

/// 7min. Tramfahrt und 300m Fußweg ///
Ab Hauptbahnhof mit der Tram Linie 10 (Richtung Lößnig) oder Linie 11 (Richtung Markleeberg). Es genügt ein Kurzstreckenticket für 1,80€. An der dritten Haltestelle (Münzgasse) aussteigen und durch die Münzgasse gehen. Diese beginnt an der Kreuzung nahe der gleichnamigen Haltestelle und wird durch ein markantes Glasgebäude gekennzeichnet. Am Ende der Münzgasse rechts abbiegen und an der nächsten Ampelkreuzung erneut rechts (in die Harkortstr.) abbiegen. Am Gebäude rechter Hand markiert ein grünes Schild den Eingang unseres Hostels.
Nach 18.00 Uhr findet das Check-In an der Bar statt. In diesem Falle direkt durch unseren Biergarten noch vor der erwähnten Ampelkreuzung gehen und die dahinterliegende Bar betreten..

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Hostel Absteige is located between the city centre and the southern town quarter of Leipzig. A lot of restored old houses, some historic buildings and a few green spots. A student scene quarter ten years ago and still so, but with plenty of catering and hotel industry. With more economic investments taking place it also became more attractive to younger middle-class families. Nevertheless this part of town is still characterized by the many young people living, studying and partying here.

Conditions & Policy

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Check-in from 4 p.m. until midnight. Until 6 p.m via main entrance - door bell labelled 'Hostel Check-In'. Later on check-in takes place at the bar. Please see 'directions to hostel' for further details. For any guidance onsite please call +49 176 755 032 64. From 6p.m. you can also contact our service staff from the restaurant under: +49 341 974 177 00.